Việc làm Tiếng Anh

Việc làm Tiếng Anh


Việc làm Tiếng Anh

English Language Training (ELT) is a worldwide profession which has had an explosion in demand due to the English speaking requirements involved in studying abroad and international business.


As Vietnam continues to grow, at a rapid rate, the need for English teaching is high, hence why American Links Careers seeks the best teachers to meet these language requirements.

We are searching for an foreign teacher who has many experiences in teaching English for Vietnamese people sat the ages of: Kids, Teenagers, Adults, Students.


 The minimum qualifications for teachers at American Links are:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
  • CELTA qualification (or equivalent: Trinity TESOL, TEFL).

Teaching English in a foreign country is a brilliant opportunity to:

  • Obtain a greater awarness of English Language Training (ELT) and its application on a global scale
  • Challenge yourself and improve your teaching ability
  • Enhance future teaching prospects
  • Experience a new culture and visit interesting places

If you meet our requirements, please come and bring the CV with or you can also send your CV ( your Pictures, Qualifications, Passport (photos) ) through our email : or call number (046.254.0999) for more information.Many thanks, American Links welcomes you!


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